Akander Bus company is a family business Akander of Ramadan is composed of Gonce Akander and Beksan Bakr Akandere partnership . Our company director Mr . R is without a Akander serves Beksan Bakr Akander office in the general manager position.- Akandere Bus Company is a family business composed of partner by Ramadan Akandere, Gonce Akandere and Beksan Bekir Akandere. Mr R. Akandere serves as the company director and Beksan Bakr Akander as the general manager.

Public transport services when a partnership between Mr Bekir Kafkar and Mr Süleyman started moving passengers,troops and supplies from Kafkarın Akıncılar village to Lefkosa using a 1963 model Bedford Bus. Mr Ramadan Akandere was included later wgave half of the bused

Our company started making investments in the public transport sector in 1949, providing a service to local people, the military , students and tourist in this country. The company ,its personel and vehicles have become a brand that is instantly recognised with credibilty.

Since 1990, we have increased our services to students and that number continues to grow. All this is backed by our safety record which is imporrtant to any parent who entrust us with the movement of their loved ones.

Our refences are pretty wide and diverse, these include the ministry of Education, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Eastern Mediterranean University, Near East University, Science Final Dershaneleri, Atlas Dershanesi, Golf Kornium, Res-tu Turizm and several other major institutions.

We are continuouly renewing and developing by educating ourselves on how to better offer our services to you. Trust us and enjoy the journey with us.

  • Mission

    - Provide quality service to customers through the high standards in the industry,
    - To increase satisfaction and morale of our employees,
    - Humanity , to fulfill our responsibilities to the environment and universal values,
    - the European Quality Award is our new aim in our list of achievements.

  • Vision

    - the unconditional satisfaction of our customers,

    - Continued growth of the company and employee satisfaction concurrently .

  • Quality Policy

    - creating a safe and comfortable traveling facilities to the satisfaction of our passengers,

    - renew and grow our services,

  • Our Service Quality

    Meet the expectations of our customers in transporting people and to catch up with world standards

  • Our Goals

    Quality service, continuous and development of transport standards. And also the continual motivation and happiness of our employees.